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I said I would line this up, and I have -- sorry about the delay, my laptop's screen unceremoniously gave up the ghost yesterday before I could post this.

Behind the cut are the names and contact information of people who are willing to "sports beta" your stories for you! If you have questions about sports details, trivia, etc, check behind this cut tag and feel free to contact one of the people listed here, one of the people who's offered your sport in question. Preferred contact method is listed here, and do be sure to identify yourself if you contact one of these guys, because they're all nice people and you wouldn't want to startle them. *grin*

Name: quicknow
Contact: nowquick at gmail.com, either email or gtalk.
Sports: basketball and football. for questions about the game, positions, rules, and how the game works, etc. I can help with either college or pro. for questions about teams/players/coaches I only know college ball.
Beta availability: Two days, faster if you just have simple sports logistics questions.

Name: estrella30
Contact: tress30 at gmail.com
Sports: Any major pro sport - baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA),
hockey (NHL), and football (NFL).
Beta availability: At least a few days.

Name: annavtree
Contact: Email: annavtree at gmail.com; AIM: bballespresso
Sports: Basketball (NBA or NCAA) and probably football, as well as long as no one is going to ask me what the difference between an outside and an inside linebacker is.
Beta availability: I can answer last minute questions (or questions at any time) but for a beta I need 48ish hours.

Name: resmin
Contact: Email: resmin at gmail.com OR researchminion at livejournal.com
Sports: Pro/college - football (NFL or NCAA), basketball (NBA or NCAA); Pro - men's golf, tennis, NASCAR, hockey (NHL - but nc hurricanes only); Olympics - summer/winter.
Beta availability: At least a day or so for beta. less if it's just a sports question.

Name: gnomi
Contact: gnomi at asknomi.com
Sports: baseball; Boston-based sports teams; Boston-based sports personalities.
Beta availability: Quick (less than a day) turnaround on sports questions; longer (2-3 days) for full beta read.

Name: sangerin
Contact: sangerin at gmail.com
Sports: Pro cycling; Pro tennis; Olympics trivia
Beta availability: Only in the case of a last-minute emergency.
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