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Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night!

I promised, and now I deliver! The First (Possibly Annual) Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night Fic Challenge.

The deal: behind the cut tag are 30 major sports stories from 2006 (and one from January 1, 2007). There are links to relevant overviews for each story.

What you do: survey the stories behind the cut tag; comment in this post with the number/description of the story you'd like to claim.

What I do: mark that story as claimed.

Then we all: take that story and use it as a starting point for a Sports Night fic. You don't have to know anything about sports to write for this challenge! I promise! The fic you write doesn't have to be about the sports story you've chosen; you can use that story in any way you see fit, as long as there's a tie between your fic and the story you've claimed.

But I don't know anything about sports! That's why we've got "sports betas" lined up -- people who do know and who are willing to help you out. When it gets closer to due date time, I'll post a list of people you can contact for sports help. (And if you don't want to sign up for the challenge but you're willing to answer questions about [basketball, cycling, tennis, etc], send me an email [minervacat at gmail dot com] and I'll add you to the list.)

Due dates? Ack! Stories are due March 15, the opening day of the NCAA tournament. This is a challenge, not an exchange, so I won't be running you down if you don't get something finished, but I might cry a little if we don't get many fics. On the 15th, I will post a Master List of who claimed what sports story, and you can link me to your fic, posted on your own livejournal or webspace.

Other Questions? Yes, I know that this list is U.S.-centric -- because Sports Night is a U.S. sports show. If there's something not on my list that you'd like to write, go for it -- but compiling this list was hair-tearing-out enough as it was, and I didn't even know where to start with things like cricket or European soccer.

    College Basketball:
  1. George Mason goes to the NCAA Final Four -- the first mid-major team to do so since 1979. [link one] [link two]: mosca
  2. The University of Florida wins their first national championship in men's basketball. [link one] [link two]: notpoetry
  3. Bobby Knight breaks Dean Smith's all-time victories record. [link one] [link two]: scrunchy
  4. Adam Morrison cries a lot after Gonzaga wins, loses, and practices. [link one]: onthecontrary
  5. Three ACC teams make the Women's Basketball Final Four, and Brenda Frese and Maryland win their first title. [link one] [link two]: likethesun2

    NBA Basketball
  6. Legendary Celtics coach Red Auerbach dies. [link one] [link two]: mazily
  7. Pat Riley and Miami Heat win title. [link one]
  8. Nuggets and Knicks brawl, leading to 10 ejections. [link one] [link two]: musesfool

    College Football:
  9. Ohio State, Michigan and Florida, and the 2006-07 BCS Mess. [link one] [link two] [link three] [link four]: elishavah
  10. Appalachian State wins second I-AA football championship in a row. [link one] [link two]: janet_carter
  11. Vince Young and Texas beat USC in the 2005-06 Rose Bowl. [link one]: furies

    NFL Football:
  12. The Saints return to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and a year in exile. [link one] [link two]: nestra
  13. Steelers win Super Bowl behind Jerome Bettis. [link one]: estrella30

    NHL Hockey:
  14. The Carolina Hurricanes win their first Stanley Cup. [link one] [link two]: shoshannagold
  15. Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman retires. [link one]: inlovewithnight

  16. Jonathan Papelbon breaks rookie save record. [link one]: soundslikej
  17. Chicago White Sox thump future World Champion St. Louis Cardinals 20-6. [link one] [link two]: oriolegirl
  18. Justin Verlander is first starting pitcher in 25 years to win the American League Rookie of the Year. [link one]: callmesandy

    Tour de France:
  19. Floyd Landis wins Tour de France and tests positive for high testosterone levels afterwards. [link one]: sangerin
  20. Operation de Puerto disqualifies four of five title contenders before the Tour even starts. [link one] [link two] [link three]: catwalksalone

    The 2006 Winter Olympics:
  21. The first Japanese gold medalist in figure skating is crowned. [link one]: marginalia
  22. U.S. speedskater Joey Cheek donates Olympic winnings to charity. [link one]: hyperfocused

    The 2006 World Cup:
  23. Zinedine Zidane makes headlines during the World Cup final when he headbutts Italy's Marco Materazzi. [link one: VIDEO] [link two] [link three] [link four]: atrata

  24. Roger Federer wins three Grand Slams and plays in the final of the 4th. [link one]
  25. Andre Agassi retires. [link one] [link two]: laurificus

  26. Despite taking a two-month break after the death of his father, Earl, in May, Tiger Woods won eight titles, including two majors, in just 15 events and was named PGA Tour Player of the Year for the eighth time. [link one] [link two]: cosmic
  27. Lorena Ochoa ends Annika Sorenstam's five-year reign as the LPGA's top player. [link one] [link two]: lyricalnights

  28. Ian Thorpe retires at 24. [link one]: starfishchick

    Horse Racing:
  29. Barbaro, a Triple Crown favorite, pulls up lame in the Preakness. [link one] [link two]: lovelypoet

    Generally WTF:
  30. Emmitt Smith wins Dancing With The Stars. [link one]: darastar

Community membership is open, so feel free to join or watch, but posting is limited to the mods.

ETA: OH! Sign-ups will go on until 12AM EST, Saturday January 13 (ie, midnight Friday) or until all the prompts are gone.

ETA 2: This is why I don't run challenges -- I *forget* things. 750 word minimum, though I'm not going to set Rick Pitino on fire if you don't make the minimum.
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