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Sign-up Post: Second Annual Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night Fic Challenge!

AND HERE IT IS: The Second Annual Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night Fic Challenge!

The deal: behind the cut tag are 45 major sports stories from 2007. There are links to relevant overviews for each story. (Big props to oriolegirl, who collated a huge number of these links for me.)

What you do: survey the stories behind the cut tag; comment in this post with the number/description of the story you'd like to claim.

What I do: mark that story as claimed. Claiming will run until we run out of prompts. (There can also be doubling up on prompts, if necessary, although I'd like to get all the prompts claimed by one person before we go back and double up.)

Then we all: take that story and use it as a starting point for a Sports Night fic. You don't have to know anything about sports to write for this challenge! I promise! The fic you write doesn't have to be about the sports story you've chosen; you can use that story in any way you see fit, as long as there's a tie between your fic and the story you've claimed.

But I don't know anything about sports! You don't need to, I promise -- a quick survey of the attendant links will give you everything you need to know! But if you want help answering questions about sports, email me at minervacat at gmail and I'll do my best to connect you with more links or someone who can answer your questions.

Due dates? Ack! Stories are due March 20, the opening day of the NCAA tournament. This is a challenge, not an exchange, so I won't be running you down if you don't get something finished, but I might cry a little if we don't get many fics. On the 20th, I will post a Master List of who claimed what sports story, and you can link me to your fic, posted on your own livejournal or webspace. Minimum 750 words.

Other Questions? Yes, I know that this list is U.S.-centric -- because Sports Night is a U.S. sports show. If there's something not on my list that you'd like to write, go for it -- but compiling this list was hair-tearing-out enough as it was, and I didn't even know where to start with things like cricket or European soccer.

    NCAA Basketball:
  1. Florida repeats as national champions, becomes only school to win a basketball and a football title in the same school year. [link one] riskoblivion
  2. Dick Vitale has surgery on his vocal chords, can't talk for six weeks. [link one] [link two] [link three] thefourthvine
  3. Tyler Hansbrough suffers broken nose against Duke, plays in a mask for ACC tournament. [link one] [link two] notpoetry
  4. The unexpected death of Skip Prosser. [link one] [link two] [link three] minervacat
  5. Pat Summit wins her 7th national title at Tennessee. [link one] [link two] [link three]
  6. Gail Goestenkors leaves Duke's women's basketball team for Texas. [link one]
  7. Don Imus calls the Rutgers' women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos", gets raked across the coals by rightfully furious ... pretty much everyone in the world. [link one] [link two] chicating

    NCAA Football:
  8. Tony Joiner kisses Tim Tebow on the sidelines. [link one (VIDEO)] [link two] [link three] starfishchick
  9. Florida wins the BCS Championship. [link one] [link two]
  10. Appalachian State beats Michigan in the Big House, three-peats as National Champs. [link one] [link two] [link three] trelkez
  11. Hawaii runs the table undefeated in the regular season, is pounded in Sugar Bowl. [link one] [link two] sundancekid
  12. Les Miles says that LSU finished the season undefeated because they "didn't lose any in regulation". [link one] [link two] [link three]
  13. Navy beats Notre Dame. [link one] [link two] [link three] darastar by email proxy [Mod note: this story can be doubled up immediately, as I allowed a pre-sign-up claiming due to work circumstance.]
  14. Boise State trick play to beat Oklahoma in overtime. [link one (VIDEO)] [link two] [link three] [link four]
  15. BCS russian roulette; "Thursday nights on ESPN is where ranked teams go to die." [link one] [link two] [link three] inlovewithnight

  16. Billy Donovan does the Bobby Cremins two-step with the Orlando Magic, then goes back to Florida. [link one] [link two] annavtree
  17. Tim Donaghy is caught gambling on games he officiated. [link one] [link two]
  18. John Amaechi, former NBA player, reveals that he is gay in his autobiography. [link one] [link two] hyperfocused
  19. Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, two freshmen, are drafted 1-2 in the NBA draft. [link one] [link two]

  20. Peyton Manning & the Colts wins Indianapolis' first Super Bowl since leaving Baltimore [link one] [link two]
  21. Ladainian Tomlinson becomes 7th on the list of all-time running back touchdown leaders. [link one] [link two]
  22. Kevin Everett's injury and recovery [link one] [link two]
  23. Redskins' Sean Taylor is shot and killed in his own home. [link one] [link two]
  24. Michael Vick is arrested and convicted for running a dog-fighting ring at his home. [link one] [link two] [link three] nestra
  25. The Patriots run the table, going 16-0 during the regular season. [link one] [link two] timberwolf63
  26. Bill Belichick and the Pats are busted for stealing defensive signals from the Jets. [link one] [link two] mazily

  27. Anaheim Ducks win the Stanley Cup [link one] [link two] storydivagirl
  28. Sabres and Oilers play the NHL Heritage Classic, an outdoor contest. [link one] [link two] shrift

  29. Baltimore Orioles give up record-setting 30 runs to the Texas Rangers. [link one] [link two] oriolegirl
  30. The Colorado Rockies' win 21 of 22 on their run to the World Series. [link one] [link two] blueeyelinerx
  31. Troy Tulowitzki makes an unassisted triple play [link one] [link two]
  32. The Mitchell Report drops [link one] [link two] scrunchy
  33. Barry Bonds breaks all-time home runs record [link one] [link two]
  34. Mark Buehrle, Justin Verlander, and Clay Buchholz throw no-hitters. [link one] [link two] [link three] jadelennox
  35. Joe Torre leaves the Yankees for the Dodgers. [link one] [link two]
  36. Rick Ankiel makes a triumphant return to the majors as an outfielder for the Cards, only to have his return tainted with accusation of HGH use. [link one] [link two] [link three] tangleofthorns
  37. Bobby Cox breaks John McGraw's all-time ejections record. [link one] [link two]

  38. Dale Earnhardt leaves DEI [link one] [link two] celli

  39. David Beckham leaves Real Madrid for LA Galaxy. [link one] attempt_unique

  40. Roger Federer wins three Grand Slam titles in 2007. [link one] [link two

    Track and Field:
  41. Marion Jones confesses to steroid use, is stripped of her medals, titles and record. [link one] [link two] [link three] sangerin

  42. Rugby World Cup [link one] [link two] [link three]

  43. Tiger Woods wins only one major. [link one] [link two]

  44. The NCAA bans live-blogging in press boxes. [link one] [link two] [link three] [link four] [link five]
  45. Mass shootings on the Virginia Tech campus mobilize the nation (and the college athletics community) in a heartbreaking show of support. [link one] [link two] [link three] [link four] [link five]
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