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this is your masterlist post!

This is the master list post for your Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night stories! When you've posted your stories in your own journal or web space (if you need posting access to the community for whatever reason, let me know via a comment or email minervacat at gmail.com), leave a comment here with the following information:

Original challenge prompt:

I'll update the post throughout the day (after I wake up from sleeping) with completed stories, and then you can read them! YAY! And don't forget to feedback your friendly neighborhood authors. (If you're not going to have a story done today, that's totally okay; just comment when you get it posted, and I'll update the post as soon as I can. Unlike (later) today, I will not be spending every day from here on out parked on the couch watching basketball for 12 straight hours. Just, uh. Today. And tomorrow.)

Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night [stories alphabetical by title]

Blood Will Tell by catwalksalone (Pro Cycling: Operación Puerto disqualifies four of five title contenders before the Tour de France even starts.)
Bring Me the Head of Bobby Knight by scrunchy (NCAA basketball: Bobby Knight breaks Dean Smith's all-time victories record)
Everything Can Change (In a New York Minute) by sangerin (Pro cycling: Original Prompt: Floyd Landis wins the Tour de France, and then faces drug allegations from L'Equipe)
Good Luck Goodbye, Bobby Jean by inlovewithnight (NHL: Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman retires)
Grand Slam by shrift (Tennis: Roger Federer wins three Grand Slams and plays in the final of the 4th.)
Headed to the Dance by mosca (NCAA basketball: George Mason goes to the NCAA Final Four -- the first mid-major team to do so since 1979)
Let's Go Make Out Up in the Balcony by musesfool (NBA basketball: Nuggets and Knicks brawl, leading to 10 ejections.)
Like Papelbon by lordessrenegade (Major League Baseball: Jonathan Papelbon breaks Red Sox rookie save record.)
Lookout Mountain is Actually a Plateau by janet_carter (NCAA football: Appalachian State wins second I-AA football championship in a row)
Some Other Beginning's End by ludzeestrellas (Tennis: Andre Agassi retires)
Reruns All Become Our History by likethesun2 (NCAA basketball: Three ACC teams make the Women's Basketball Final Four, and Brenda Frese and Maryland win their first title.)
The Morning Run-Down (November 20th, 2006) by starfishchick (Swimming: Ian Thorpe retires at 24.)
The Not-So-Blind Handoff by elishavah (NCAA football: Ohio State, Michigan and Florida, and the 2006-07 BCS Mess.)
The Wind Cries PECOTA by callmesandy (Major League Baseball: Justin Verlander chosen as AL Rookie of the Year)
The Wind Have Changed by nestra (NFL: The Saints return to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and a year in exile.)
Unnatural Pretzels by oriolegirl (Major League Baseball: Chicago White Sox thump future World Champion St. Louis Cardinals 20-6)
Will Dunk For Brains by minervacat (NCAA basketball: Roy Williams' 500th victory)
You Can Dance if You Want To by darastar (General WTF: Emmitt Smith wins Dancing with the Stars)

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