on sateda, i was an accountant (minervacat) wrote in sportsbackinsn,
on sateda, i was an accountant


This is your TWO WEEKS THIRTEEN DAYS warning! In thirteen days, the NCAA men's basketball tournament tips off, and you post your Putting Their Sports Back In Sports Night stories! Hooray! (There's no such thing as a late story, either; I'd love to have lots of stuff for March 15, but I'll keep adding to the master list as people finish. But the 15th! Aim for the 15th!)

How's everybody doing? Did you see the list of sports betas that I posted earlier this week? Have any thoughts on Florida's weird collapse? (Thoughts on Carolina's weird collapse unwelcome, mostly because they will make your friendly neighborhood mod weep and rend her garments.) Thoughts on who's going to win the NL Central this year? Anything I can do for you guys?
Tags: 2007, admin
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