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on sateda, i was an accountant

This is your ONE MONTH warning! One month!

Okay, kids -- you have ONE MONTH until your Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night stories are supposed to be posted! One month from today! March 15! I hope things are coming along well for you -- or at least you haven't forgotten completely about this challenge. *grin*

Now that I'm out from under the craziness of 14valentines, I'm going to be emailing everyone who offered, directly or obliquely, to "sports beta" these stories with more information about what people might need from you, as well as a few requests for contact information and so on and so forth, so keep your eyes peeled for those emails if you offered or think you might have offered; and, as always, if you offered and don't have the time now to take this on, it's totally okay. I am v. easy going about this junk. (And if you'd still like to offer, leave a comment on this entry with an email address, and I'll contact you, too!)

Once I've wrangled all that information, I'll make a post here with information about who's willing to read your stories and beta for sports information -- hopefully in the next two weeks. I might have to sleep, first.

Any questions? Concerns? Thoughts on the Pac-10 conference race? Feelings about Kevin Pittsnogle's flagging professional career? Need someone to flail at about pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training? Hit me.
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