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This Is Your Master List!

This is the master list post for your Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night stories! When you've posted your stories in your own journal or web space (if you need posting access to the community for whatever reason, let me know via a comment or email minervacat at gmail.com), leave a comment here with the following information:

Original challenge prompt:

I'll update the post throughout the day with completed stories, and then you can read them! YAY! And don't forget to feedback your friendly neighborhood authors. (If you're not going to have a story done today, that's totally okay (I mean, I totally don't have my story done at all, because I'm a rotten challenge mod); just comment when you get it posted, and I'll update the post as soon as I can. Unlike today, I will not be spending every day from here on out parked on the couch watching basketball for 12 straight hours. Just, uh. Today. And tomorrow.)

The Bet by timberwolf63 (NFL: The Patriots run the table, going 16-0 during the regular season.)
Crouch, Hold, Engage by oriolegirl (Rugby: Rugby World Cup)
Fifteen Years by riskoblivion (NCAABB: Florida repeats as national champions, becomes only school to win a basketball and a football title in the same school year.)
A Good Year for Rookies by jadelennox (MLB: Mark Buehrle, Justin Verlander, and Clay Buchholz throw no-hitters.)
In Which the BCS Makes No Sense, Colt Brennan's Hair Looks Stupid, and Dana Has Big Plans to Live Simple by sundancekid (NCAA FB: Hawaii runs the table undefeated in the regular season, is pounded in Sugar Bowl.)
Love Him Or Hate Him ... by starfishchick (NCAA FB: Tony Joiner kisses Tim Tebow on the sidelines.)
One Inch to the Left by shrift (NHL: Sabres and Penguins play the NHL Winter Classic, an outdoor contest.)
Train Wreck In Progress by oriolegirl (MLB: Baltimore Orioles give up record-setting 30 runs to the Texas Rangers.)

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