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Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night!

I promised, and now I deliver! The First (Possibly Annual) Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night Fic Challenge.

The deal: behind the cut tag are 30 major sports stories from 2006 (and one from January 1, 2007). There are links to relevant overviews for each story.

What you do: survey the stories behind the cut tag; comment in this post with the number/description of the story you'd like to claim.

What I do: mark that story as claimed.

Then we all: take that story and use it as a starting point for a Sports Night fic. You don't have to know anything about sports to write for this challenge! I promise! The fic you write doesn't have to be about the sports story you've chosen; you can use that story in any way you see fit, as long as there's a tie between your fic and the story you've claimed.

But I don't know anything about sports! That's why we've got "sports betas" lined up -- people who do know and who are willing to help you out. When it gets closer to due date time, I'll post a list of people you can contact for sports help. (And if you don't want to sign up for the challenge but you're willing to answer questions about [basketball, cycling, tennis, etc], send me an email [minervacat at gmail dot com] and I'll add you to the list.)

Due dates? Ack! Stories are due March 15, the opening day of the NCAA tournament. This is a challenge, not an exchange, so I won't be running you down if you don't get something finished, but I might cry a little if we don't get many fics. On the 15th, I will post a Master List of who claimed what sports story, and you can link me to your fic, posted on your own livejournal or webspace.

Other Questions? Yes, I know that this list is U.S.-centric -- because Sports Night is a U.S. sports show. If there's something not on my list that you'd like to write, go for it -- but compiling this list was hair-tearing-out enough as it was, and I didn't even know where to start with things like cricket or European soccer.

Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night!Collapse )

Community membership is open, so feel free to join or watch, but posting is limited to the mods.

ETA: OH! Sign-ups will go on until 12AM EST, Saturday January 13 (ie, midnight Friday) or until all the prompts are gone.

ETA 2: This is why I don't run challenges -- I *forget* things. 750 word minimum, though I'm not going to set Rick Pitino on fire if you don't make the minimum.
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I swear I was just here to see what you were up to. But no one has taken the headbutting prompt! How can that be?! Gimme gimme. #23.
yay, hooray! i am GLAD that you are writing for this. <333


11 years ago


11 years ago

Awesome challenge! 25 for me, please.
all yours! :)
Could I please have 14?
absolutely! the canes are all yours. :)
May I have 24, please?
mr. federer is all yours! :)

Deleted comment

Yeep! The whole 2006 Tour broke me a little with the huge drug scandal at the beginning then Floyd Landis the Little Engine Who Could and then the positive thing. So glad you claimed 19, I can't wait to read someone else's cycling Sports Night.


11 years ago

damn, tiger woods or the rose bowl . . . since i can't write about barbaro (sniffle). the problem with the rose bowl was that i hate usc with a damn passion, but i kind of hate everything from texas too. so it sucked. oh, but THEY were all in texas first, so i could do some serious usc bashing . . . though the daddy issues with tiger . . .

nah. give me #11. i'll figure it out.

however, if no one claims #26, let me know. or 27. women's golf is so underrated.

and i know lots about sports (probably too much). mostly: baseball, college hoops, olympic sports, anything to do with horses, football, golf (anyone who works a baranka into the story totally wins!), and uh, other things. not cycling. not hockey. that's about it.
the rose bowl is yours! i look forward to seeing both the usc AND the texas bashing. :)

i will put you on the sports beta list! more information about this to follow. *grin*
I'm never watched an episode of Sports Night in my life, heck, I'm not even much of a sports fan, and I'm not a fic writer, but I just wanted to tell you that this whole thing is awesome! Maybe it's the residual high off of the game last night...
i am glad you enjoying watching this madness! i cannot wait to read everything that comes out of this challenge.

(and if you ever decide you want to procrastinate by watching sports night, let me know, i'll lend it to you. it was only half-an-hour! you can watch a whole disc in three hours!)


11 years ago

When I heard about this, I thought it was a great idea, but when I surfed over to check it out, I didn't expect to sign up.

Then I saw #5. And, um, SIGN ME UP. I am so easy.

(PS, two thumbs way, way up on your "BC SUCKS" icon.)
i KNEW somebody would want to write about brenda. yay. \o/

the bc sucks icon is free to any good homes that hate bc and the acc expansion. credit not even necessary. :)
16, please?
yours! :)


11 years ago


11 years ago


I kid, I kid. <3 etc. (Why do you deny me the chance to write about Danny talking about my home team? You know Dan had a crush on Gerry McNamara, and Casey mocked him mercilessly for it. He bought him an "OVERRATED?!!" t-shirt and everything. Danny wore it on the air. Casey made him take it off. So Danny wore it to bed.)
mr. dononvan and his champions are all yours, darling. I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOUR IN-JOKES! :)
Aw hell, I shouldn't do this. I should take the fact that Auerbach and Papelbon are already gone as the sign that it is. Ack. Gimme #9.
#9 is a doozy -- so much there to work with! i am happy happy happy that you're going to write it. :)
I'd like to try #27 if it's still available.

I'm all tingly with Sports Night love.
it's all yours! :)


11 years ago

OK, #10 for me! (Roy is all yours, dude.)
hooray, appalachian state! \o/
*looks sad* There are only two things left and they look weird.
the tiger woods is really good! heartwarming! lots of material! *entices*


11 years ago


11 years ago

So if I wanted to write a sports-news-related SN story not on the list, I could still post it here? *looks hopeful*
OF COURSE ABSOLUTELY. i'll be happy to include it on the master list in march, and after the challenge closes, i may turn the community into something specifically for sports-news-related sports night fic. \o/
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