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Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night!

I promised, and now I deliver! The First (Possibly Annual) Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night Fic Challenge.

The deal: behind the cut tag are 30 major sports stories from 2006 (and one from January 1, 2007). There are links to relevant overviews for each story.

What you do: survey the stories behind the cut tag; comment in this post with the number/description of the story you'd like to claim.

What I do: mark that story as claimed.

Then we all: take that story and use it as a starting point for a Sports Night fic. You don't have to know anything about sports to write for this challenge! I promise! The fic you write doesn't have to be about the sports story you've chosen; you can use that story in any way you see fit, as long as there's a tie between your fic and the story you've claimed.

But I don't know anything about sports! That's why we've got "sports betas" lined up -- people who do know and who are willing to help you out. When it gets closer to due date time, I'll post a list of people you can contact for sports help. (And if you don't want to sign up for the challenge but you're willing to answer questions about [basketball, cycling, tennis, etc], send me an email [minervacat at gmail dot com] and I'll add you to the list.)

Due dates? Ack! Stories are due March 15, the opening day of the NCAA tournament. This is a challenge, not an exchange, so I won't be running you down if you don't get something finished, but I might cry a little if we don't get many fics. On the 15th, I will post a Master List of who claimed what sports story, and you can link me to your fic, posted on your own livejournal or webspace.

Other Questions? Yes, I know that this list is U.S.-centric -- because Sports Night is a U.S. sports show. If there's something not on my list that you'd like to write, go for it -- but compiling this list was hair-tearing-out enough as it was, and I didn't even know where to start with things like cricket or European soccer.

Putting The Sports Back In Sports Night!Collapse )

Community membership is open, so feel free to join or watch, but posting is limited to the mods.

ETA: OH! Sign-ups will go on until 12AM EST, Saturday January 13 (ie, midnight Friday) or until all the prompts are gone.

ETA 2: This is why I don't run challenges -- I *forget* things. 750 word minimum, though I'm not going to set Rick Pitino on fire if you don't make the minimum.
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Aw hell, I shouldn't do this. I should take the fact that Auerbach and Papelbon are already gone as the sign that it is. Ack. Gimme #9.
#9 is a doozy -- so much there to work with! i am happy happy happy that you're going to write it. :)
I'd like to try #27 if it's still available.

I'm all tingly with Sports Night love.
it's all yours! :)
Great! Now I just have to figure out how to jimmy my queries to my dad re: the LPGA so that he doesn't want to know what I'm up to. ;)
OK, #10 for me! (Roy is all yours, dude.)
hooray, appalachian state! \o/
*looks sad* There are only two things left and they look weird.
the tiger woods is really good! heartwarming! lots of material! *entices*
It's golf. With the-- *vague gestures* --golfing.

Can't I just write something that isn't Zidane-headbutting-y about soccer and pretend it's for this challenge? *petulant*

Okay, yes, I'll do it. So, #26 is all mine now? =)
if you'd like 26, it's all yours. if you'd rather pick another story and write something for the challenge anyway, you can do that, too -- i couldn't sort all of the soccer stuff out into meaningful and not-meaningful. :)
So if I wanted to write a sports-news-related SN story not on the list, I could still post it here? *looks hopeful*
OF COURSE ABSOLUTELY. i'll be happy to include it on the master list in march, and after the challenge closes, i may turn the community into something specifically for sports-news-related sports night fic. \o/
How cool, and I'm one of those "barely knows sports" people. I'd like 22, please
all yours! :)
I'm willing and able to be a sports beta for any stories centered around Boston-based sports teams/stories (such as Red, who was the GM of the Celts throughout my major basketball fandom years).
you're awesome! thank you so much. :)

i'm going to send an email to everyone who offered this in a couple of weeks, giving some details and asking for some, too, so keep an eye out. :)
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